Free Tool: Installed Hotfixes, Updates and Patches

Shows installed hotfixes with name, description, hotfix id, installation date and installation user


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Installed Hotfixes, Updates and Patches   Shows installed hotfixes with name, description, hotfix id, installation date and installation user

This free tool can be used to check for installed patches on Windows and export list of installed Windows updates. You can use it for simplified Windows patch management, such as to create a list of missing patches, install missing patches, determine missing Windows updates of using PowerShell scripts to get installed hotfixes ("Get-HotFix" cmdlet) or running WMI queries to determine list of installed hotfixes ("wmic qfe").

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Patch management in the Cloud

Manage security patching using plain English from the Cloud. Such as type 'show missing patches' or 'install Windows updates'.
Get results instantly from live systems and deploy patches remotely.

Installed Hotfixes, Updates and Patches

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