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Manage and assess endpoint configuration, configure desktop and run management actions remotely from the Cloud on multiple endpoints at once.

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According to recent surveys, the number of employees working remotely in the U.S. almost doubled in five years. Organizations tend to hire self-motivated individuals and organize small pop-up business units rather than gather all employees under the same roof in a big office. With this upward trend, IT departments and service desks have to adapt to changes and find new ways to manage IT infrastructure. Action1 endpoint management solution helps streamline IT workflows and ensure your IT assets are protected against cyberattacks while procedures are compliant with industry standards and regulations.

With the free endpoint management tool from Action1, you can configure computers remotely from the Cloud. It does not matter if your endpoints are in the same physical location or distributed around the world, connected to the same LAN or not. Action1 management solution brings you insights into desktop configurations. You will get a detailed overview of your endpoints, with installed OS, event logs, environmental variables, local users and groups, running processes, open ports, etc. On top of that, you can configure your managed endpoints remotely: run commands, push software updates, set up user profiles, and update preferences and permissions.

Restart Remote Computer
    Reboot remote computers in bulk by sending a remote reboot request
Run Remote PowerShell Script
    Run PowerShell script or batch file on remote computer without enabling remote PowerShell
Run Application with Command Line
    Remotely execute a program or a script on multiple endpoints. Similar to psexec remote command, but controlled from the Cloud
Local Users and Groups
    Get a list of local users, groups, group membership and logged in users at all your endpoints across the enterprise.
USB Devices and Removable Media
    Get information on USB storage media, SD readers and other USB devices usage on your workstations.
Windows Network Shares
    Lists open network file shares with name, description, shared folder path, status for all open shares
Regulatory Compliance
    Ensure your endpoints meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001, GLBA, GDPR and others
Operating System Settings and Policies
    Get detailed information on your endpoints: installed OS, event logs, environment variables, applied Group Policies and other Windows configuration settings available to you instantly.
Network Activity and Configuration
    Review active TCP/IP connections, IP routing tables, adapter configuration, exposed and connected network shares, TCP/IP settings and other network information.
Remote Task Manager
    Investigate suspicious processes, CPU/memory utilization and other runtime information.
Disks, Partitions and Volumes
    Get information on disks, partitions, volumes and NTFS quotas.

Free Endpoint Configuration Management and Desktop Management - Cloud Based

Action1 is a free cloud-based endpoint management tool. Manage endpoint configuration, configure desktops and run management actions remotely from the Cloud on multiple endpoints at once.

Running in the Cloud, Action1 unified endpoint management solution requires no installation, maintenance, or multi-step configuration procedures. Action1 works equally fast on a network of 1000 computers and 100,000 computers. As the number of your endpoints grows, Action1 will scale the backend infrastructure for you and ensure you have the most up-to-date endpoint configuration data.

Endpoint Configuration Management Solution - Free Software | Action1

Desktop Configuration Management

Action1 automates desktop configuration management from the Cloud. Remotely deploy Windows desktop configurations, such as user preferences, software settings and OS features on multiple endpoints at once.

For example, Action1 configuration management tool enables you to prepare desktops for new employees: set up all the necessary software and Windows updates, configure local policies and user privileges, roll out corporate Windows theme, and more. Action1 discovers endpoints in seconds and the administrator always has the most recent information about desktop configurations of the entire fleet of workstations.

Desktop Configuration Management

Security Configuration Management

Remotely manage security configuration settings, such as user rights, local users and groups, logon settings and more. Enforce security controls on all managed endpoints at once and stay compliant with industry standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and others. For example, push security updates, block USB devices or certain TCP ports, restrict access to business-critical servers or databases. Action1 endpoint configuration management platform provides a centralized approach for uniform security management from the Cloud. Your administration team can improve security and roll out software updates, reassign floating licenses and user permissions silently causing no downtime for your employees and services.

Security Configuration Management

Remotely Run Management Actions

Action1 endpoint management solution includes a library of standard automation actions that allow managing multiple computers in bulk from the Cloud. Reboot computers, restart services, remove registry settings, and configure network adapters on your managed endpoints no matter where they are, even when they are not connected to your local network. Speed up your service desk response time and optimize IT administration workflows with the endpoint configuration management solution from Action1.

Remotely Run Management Actions

Watch Action1 Quick Video

Eager to find out more? Watch the video to learn how Action1 endpoint management solution can help you streamline IT asset management and stay on top of endpoint configuration management tasks. Find out more about Action1 features such as the ability to discover endpoints in real-time, create detailed reports on endpoint configuration, and query your managed computers to identify installed software and missing updates.

Latest Release: Action1 Endpoint Security Platform 2.2, May 4, 2020.
For more information, please refer to Action1 Online Documentation

Achieve More With Our Integrations and RESTful API

Action1 provides RESTful API and integrates with the following systems so you can get most out of your deployment:

Action1 Integrations

Hundreds of Organizations Worldwide Use Action1 Platform

Community College in Texas

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas

European Construction Conglomerate

Action1 plays a critical role in our cybersecurity strategy. The ability to instantly understand what is happening on your endpoints is priceless.

European Construction Conglomerate

City Government in Georgia

Our city prides on being one of the most digitally transformed cities in the region. Without Action1, the risks of managing the infrastructure were too high.

City Government in Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an endpoint?
Any electronic device running in your IT environment — a laptop, server, smartphone — is an endpoint. The endpoints communicate with each other over the network and transfer data.

2. What is included in the endpoint configuration?
Endpoint configuration is a complete description of device settings. These settings typically include detailed port specification, startup settings, user preferences, local time, environment variables, and many more. It is important to keep track of these setting to ensure they don’t expose your endpoints to cyberattacks.

3. How do I check environment variables on a computer?
On a local Windows machine, navigate to “Control Panel \ System and Security \ System” and select “Advanced system settings”. To view environment variables, select a corresponding button. You will the list of variables applied globally (system) and to your user profile. For remote computers, you can utilize wmic command-line tool or a configuration management solution such as Action1.

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