Free Alerts and Reports: Disks, Partitions and Volumes

Get information on disks, partitions, volumes and NTFS quotas


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Disks, Partitions and Volumes   Get information on disks, partitions, volumes and NTFS quotas

Logical Disks
    Shows logical disks with name, description, file system, free space and size
Logical Disks w/o BitLocker Encryption Enabled
    Check BitLocker encryption status and show logical disks w/o BitLocker encryption enabled
Disk Volumes
    Shows disk volumes with name, capacity, boot flag, compressed flag, dirty bit flag, drive letter, file system type, free space, serial number
Free Disk Space
    Shows free disk space with drive name and free disk space
Disk Partitions
    Shows disk partitions with name, description, bootable flag and size
NTFS Disk Quotas
    Shows NTFS disk quotas with user, disk space used, limit, warning limit and status

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Disks, Partitions and Volumes

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