Free Tool: Delete User Profile

Delete Windows user profiles remotely on multiple computers from the Cloud

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Delete User Profile   Delete Windows user profiles remotely on multiple computers from the Cloud

This action will delete user profile from registry so next time user logs in, it will rebuild Windows user profile. Use this free tool to delete domain user profile from Windows as well as delete a local user profile.

Windows creates user profile the first time user interactively logs on at the computer (not via network to access shared folders or printers) and it contains user registry (ntuser.dat), user-specific folders (My Documents, Desktop etc) and Application Data folder that stores software-specific data pertaining to user. Action1 works similar to using a delete user profile command tool line (such as delprof2 script) or PowerShell script to delete user profile remotely. It also causes the system to recreate the Windows user profile upon next login (basically create new Windows user profile), but it’s done from the Cloud and centrally on multiple computers at a time.

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Delete User Profile

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