Free Tool: 8.2: User Authentication and Passwords

In addition to assigning a unique ID, ensure that all endpoints require passwords to authenticate


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Authentication helps to protect user IDs from unauthorized use and reduces the risk of accounts being compromised. Checking for weak and non-existent passwords is first step a typical attacker would use to compromise your systems. Action1 help to automate assessment of authentication settings used on the endpoints in your network to make sure they are all compliant with section 8.2 of PCI DSS.

8.2.1: Strong Cryptography for Passwords
    Verify that all authentication credentials are rendered unreadable during storage and transmission
8.2.3.a: Password Complexity Requirements
    Minimum length of 7 characters and contains both numeric and alphabetic characters
8.2.4.a: Change Passwords Every 90 Days
    Password policy must force users to change their passwords regularly so they don’t get compromised
8.2.5.a: Disallow Reusing of Old Passwords
    Do not allow anyone to change their password to any of the last four passwords they have used

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8.2: User Authentication and Passwords

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