Free Network Monitor for Your Endpoints - as-a-Service!

Action1 includes a free real-time network activity monitoring software that is entirely SaaS, with an online web interface and it has no cost for basic functionality. Working in the Cloud, Action1 detects all of your workstations and you can query your entire network of endpoints to immediately see what network activity is happening and where. No scripting or knowledge of tricky network monitoring tools is required!

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Network Traffic Monitoring

See what network connections are active on which endpoints, with full details, such as source and destination IPs, ports, originating processes and the time the connections were established. Analyze open port usage, connection statistics, most active processes utilizing your network all in one single pane of glass view, right in your web browser.

Get Real-Time Alerts on Endpoint Security

Receive real-time alerts from your endpoints before security breach happens, such as when remote control software is installed, usb storage media inserted or a network share exposed to ransomware.

Unauthorized and Suspicious Network Activity

Use real-time information across all of your endpoints to quickly understand the nature possible cyberattacks happening right now and track the attackers at source. Action1 can immediately show you which remote IP addresses your endpoints are connecting to, TCP and UDP ports not locked down in your firewalls and actively being used, and more.

Network Shares Exposed to Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most popular types of cyberattacks happening nowdays, with most common attacks happening through open SMB shares on your endpoints. Action1 shows real-time data on all open network shares, with names, path, status, even showing you which shares are connected from other workstations and status of those connections.

Troubleshoot Network Configuration Issues

Quickly see all network adapters across the entire network, with IP and MAC addresses, DCHP configuration, adapter types and understand potential issues. Analyze IP routing tables in real-time with full information on gateways, net masks, interfaces, metrics and so on.


* Free Edition is provided free of charge with limited functionality and technical support.

Credit Union in Ohio

Action1 gives us close-to-instant ability to undertstand what is happening across our entire network of endpoints and helps us respond in real-time.

Credit Union in Ohio

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Being able to understand which new software is being installed and where is critical for our network of several thousand employee workstations

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Community College in Texas

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas

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