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Netability Grows Its MSP Business and Increases Customer Satisfaction with Action1 RMM

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Netability is a managed service provider (MSP) that supports organizations worldwide with cloud computing, system integration, IT security and more. The company is Swiss-born and has offices in Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland and Hong Kong.


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The Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic drove many companies to switch to remote work, Netability saw a marked rise in demand for IT services to support and secure remote workforces. As the company sought to manage more customer endpoints, the IT team realized that its remote monitoring tool would no longer suffice, due to its high complexity, steep learning curve and unreliable performance. “We needed a scalable product that would operate stably from the cloud and would enable us to secure and support our customers remotely while automating our tasks,” explains Mario Domeniconi, CTO at Netability. “The solution also had to be easy to deploy and use, to ensure we would be able to quickly onboard new technicians.”

The Action1 RMM Solution

After gathering feedback from his peers about different RMM solutions and testing several tools himself, Mario chose Action1 RMM. “Acton1 RMM encompassed all the features we were looking for to provide our customers with best-in-class service”, says Mario. “It has robust patch management capabilities and integrated remote desktop, and it is cloud-based, easy to use, secure, and customizable.”

The Benefits

Quick time to value. Mario and his team started by rolling out Action1 RMM to a single client — the whole process took less than 15 minutes. Getting all other customers fully up and running required less time than they expected and was very straightforward. Moreover, Netability technicians were able to learn Action1 RMM’s functionality and make full use of the platform from the very first day. “Remote connections were reliable and stable; Action1 RMM scales easily and works equally fast whether we have to manage 100 endpoints or 2,000,” says Mario. “We can securely monitor and manage our customers’ devices from the cloud, and everything is streamlined and fast.”

High customer satisfaction. Action1 RMM enables Netability to automate software deployment and patch management across each customer’s remote endpoints, thus reducing the risk of security breaches. Netability technicians can easily spot outdated apps across any customer’s remote network and patch them, approve or decline newly released updates, and discover and remove unlicensed software — all without hurting end-user productivity. Action RMM’s pre-defined actions streamline multiple maintenance tasks, such as onboarding new devices for their customers. Plus, Action1 RMM empowers Netability technicians to deliver office-quality IT support by using the integrated Remote Desktop to connect to any remote employee’s workstation and promptly troubleshoot problems.

Thanks to Action1 RMM, we have significantly improved our customer service, which has brought us increased customer loyalty.

Mario Domeniconi, Chief Technology Officer at Netability.

Higher IT efficiency and strong ROI. With Action1 RMM, Netability has been able to streamline IT management. The MSP can manage dozens of customers from one console, and the role-based access control makes it easy to grant different permissions to admins within each managed organization, which saves time and improves efficiency without sacrificing security. “Action1 RMM is a great enabler to our business as it helps us automate the major part of our routine tasks, and empowers our technicians to cover more customer endpoints per unit of time than they could with our previous RMM tool,” says Mario. “Since Action1 RMM is very easy and comfortable to use, we actually enjoy our work and can serve our customers better than ever before.”

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