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Action1 platform discovers all of your Windows endpoints and allows you to review OS configurations across your entire network in real-time.

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OS Information Reporting

Action1 can instantly query all Windows endpoints across your entire network and display detailed OS information, such as OS version, OS type (32 or 64 bit), environment variables, event logs, system time, boot configurations and more. It's like running Msinfo32.exe simultaneously on all of your PCs and seeing all results consolidated and neatly structured on one screen.

Get Real-Time Alerts on Endpoint Security

Receive real-time alerts from your endpoints before security breach happens, such as when remote control software is installed, usb storage media inserted or environment variables modified.

Detect Misconfigured Operating Systems

Quickly discover broken system configurations, find outdated operating systems used on your network, look for systems with errors in event logs, misconfigured boot devices and bring them up to date. Action1 displays Windows OS information in one single view in real-time, with the current settings as of the time of your query, across your entire AD domain.

Find Event Log Records

Action1 can perform centralized searches of Windows event log records on your workstations using specified criteria, such as event type (Error, Information, Warning etc), source (e.g. Winlogon, Backup, Remote Desktop etc) or even specific Event IDs. Quickly find all instances of certain errors occurring on multiple computers and correct those errors. And no need to use expensive event log management tools or SIEM.

Review Group Policy Settings

Group Policy troubleshooting can sometimes become a very challenging process. Action1 can quickly list all GPOs applied to computers, allowing you to better understand potential desktop configuration issues. For example, you can almost immediately display all workstations that have a certain security lockdown policy applied to them (by means of a newly created GPO) and monitor the overall rollout of your organizational policies in real-time.


* Free Edition is provided free of charge with limited functionality and technical support.

Credit Union in Ohio

Action1 gives us close-to-instant ability to undertstand what is happening across our entire network of endpoints and helps us respond in real-time.

Credit Union in Ohio

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Being able to understand which new software is being installed and where is critical for our network of several thousand employee workstations

Major Regional Hospital on the East Coast

Community College in Texas

Our students love technology. But sometimes they break it too. Action1 allows us to understand all abnormal activities happening on college computers.

Community College in Texas

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