Malicious Software and Unsecured Configurations

Ask your questions in plain English, for example: “Which workstations have Dropbox installed or IIS running?”

Lack of control over installed software leads to extra cost of software licenses, fines due to licensing incompliance or even data breach due to usage of unsupported and obsolete applications. Action1 helps IT administrators to take software inventory under control, lower cost of software ownership and ensure compliance.

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Malicious Software and Unsecured Configurations

Real-time information on installed software, hotfixes, running services, startup programs and system drivers.

Take Software Inventory Under Control

Get real time reports on what software is installed at your endpoints.

Google-Like Search

Action1 allows IT administrators to ask questions about their endpoints in plain English and get answers instantly.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Automatic deployment across your entire network in less than 5 minutes. Seamless configuration and maintenance.

Malicious Software and Unsecured Configurations - Action1