Free Analysis of Local Users and Groups on Workstations - as-a-Service!

Action1 includes a free local user and group real-time reporting tool that is entirely SaaS, running in your web browser (no management tools to install) and it has zero cost for up to 100 endpoints. Working in the Cloud, Action1 discovers all of your endpoints in seconds and you can query your entire network of workstations to see local users, groups, group memberships and other current account information immediately. All without writing a single line of PowerShell code, running any management tools or command line utilities remotely on a multitude of your endpoints.

Members of Local Administrator Groups

Display all members of every single local Administrators group on all of your endpoints in seconds and quickly determine workstations exposed for potential attacks and unauthorized privileged logons. Action1 can show all local groups, optionally filtered by name, with user names of members and the group membership data is current and real-time.

Disable Local Guest Accounts

Action1 quickly connects to all managed endpoints and finds all potentially exposed local accounts (such as Guest account) from the Cloud at your request. In just moments, you can see which local accounts are enabled and can be compromised, allowing you to quickly determine your security lockdown action plan. Based on the real-time data, you can disable or remove local accounts on all workstations.

Monitor Account Lockouts

Check which local accounts are currently locked out due to invalid password attempts and troubleshoot service downtimes. All for free and entirely from the Cloud, right at your fingertips (such as your phone or tablet).

Who is Currently Logged In and Where?

Action1 shows who is currently logged on to which workstations and some of their login history (such as number of logins and incorrect password attempts). You can easily determine where some of your suspicious users are currently logged on across your entire Active Directory domain, detect unauthorized user activity (such users logging in to someone else's workstations) and take corrective actions.

Troubleshoot Local Account Issues

Action1 allows you to check which accounts are expired, disabled, have expired passwords or other issues. All information is always current (not from a last night's scan, like most traditional on-premise tools do) and is displayed in real-time, in seconds, right in your web browser.

* Free Edition is provided free of charge for up to 100 endpoints with limited technical support.