Free Hardware Inventory and Reporting - as-a-Service!

Action1 includes a free SaaS-based computer inventory reporting tool for your endpoints, with a web interface remotely connecting to all of your computers (up to 100 systems are free to use). Action1 discovers your entire network from the Cloud and allows you to quickly get reports on types of systems in use, their installed hardware, versions of BIOS and other data. All information is presented in one view that covers your whole environment and no PowerShell scripting is required.

Computer Hardware Inventory Management

Action1 can quickly pull a list of all computers on your network with types of systems used and all other pertinent information, such as system manufacturer, model, number of processors, installed hardware, version and make of BIOS, amount of physical memory, motherboard manufacturer and serial number and so on.

Check for Outdated BIOS Versions

Not updating BIOS and other firmware can lead to security and performance issues on your endpoints. Action1 displays full real-time information on the versions and manufacturers of all firmware used on your workstations and servers in your entire network.

Free Disk Space Management

Proactively tracking which PCs are running low on disk space can help to prevent lost productivity and user frustration. Action1 can quickly query all computers in real-time to determine available disk space and obtain other disk information, such as logical disks, file system types, disk quotas and more.

* Free Edition is provided free of charge for up to 100 endpoints with limited technical support.