Performs fast search for files across all endpoints in the locations currently indexed by Windows Search. Extracts file name, size, creation date and modification date.

Each query filter supports multiple wildcard parameters, separated by commas. For example, you can either specify a set of extensions to search (*.mp3, *.mpg) or use * to search all file extension on the endpoints. File Names and Exclude Files parameters support environment variables in the following format: $env:VARNAME (such as you can specify $env:WINDIR,$env:ProgramFiles).

NOTE: Unlike non-indexed search query, this query executes quickly and does not utilize significant resources on the searched endpoints and it supports alerts. However the search scope is limited to locattions and extension that are currently being indexed by Windows Search. The default indexed scope is all user profiles (%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users) with AppData folders excluded. To change Windows Search settings, use Control Panel (Indexing Options) or Group Policy (Computer\Admin Templates\Windows Components\Search).

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