Detailed information on your endpoints: installed OS, event logs, environment variables, applied Group Policies and other windows configuration settings available to you instantly.

Operating System Information
    Shows operating system information with OS name, version, boot device, build type, code set, country code, debug, OS architecture, registered user, serial number and windows directory
User Profiles
    Shows all user profiles on Windows ednpoints, with user name, SID, last usage time, path and more
Operating System Information
    Shows operating system information with install date, last bootup time and local date/time
Boot Configurations
    Shows boot configurations with boot directory and name
Environment Variables
    Shows environment variables with name, user name and variable value
Eventlog Names
    Shows eventlog names with name, logfile name, max file size, number of records, overwrite outdated and overwrite policy
Eventlog Records
    Shows eventlog records with event code, category, logfile, message, source name, time generated, type and user
Computers and Timezones
    Shows computers with timezone information
Group Policies Applied to Computers
    Shows group policies applied to computers with enabled flag, file system path information, name and version