Run a command, install a software, force windows update or perform any other action on all your endpoints in bulk.

Install Software Remotely
    Remotely install software over network
Run Application with Command Line
    Execute remote program on multiple endpoints (similar to psexec remote command)
Run Remote PowerShell Script
    Run PowerShell script or batch file on remote computer without enabling remote PowerShell
Force Windows Update Remotely
    Force installation of all missing critical Windows updates
Remotely Install Windows Updates
    Install Windows updates remotely on multiple computers
Install Patch Remotely
    Deploys patches or hotfixes on multiple computers in bulk
Configure Automatic Windows Updates
    Enable, disable or configure automatic updates on Windows endpoints
Remove Startup Program
    Removes startup programs remotely from multiple computers
Uninstall Software Remotely
    Remotely uninstalls software on multiple computers
Change Service Start Type Remotely
    Set service startup options, such as Manual or Automatic
Add or Change Startup Program
    Adds program to startup or changes startup programs on Windows remotely
Stop Windows Service Remotely
    Stops Windows service remotely on multiple workstations
Start Windows Service Remotely
    Starts Windows service remotely on multiple computers in bulk
Restart Windows Service Remotely
    Restarts Windows services on multiple remote computers
Shutdown Remote Computer
    Run remote shutdown command on multiple computers
Restart Remote Computer
    Reboot remote computers in bulk by sending a remote reboot request
Delete Windows Service Remotely
    Deletes Windows service remotely on multiple computers
Block or Allow Port Remotely
    Close (block) or open (allow) ports on multiple remote machines
Hibernate Remote Computer
    Hibernate multiple endpoints at once
Lock Remote Computer
    Remotely lock multiple workstations
Kill Process Remotely
    Ends (kills) process on remote computer
Sleep Remote Computer
    Put multiple Windows workstations into Sleep mode

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