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Action1 Unifies Security Patch Management for Remote Workers

Houston, Texas, October 13, 2020

Action1 Corporation, a Cloud-based endpoint security solution provider, implemented new patch management tools to control both Windows and 3rd party app updates in a unified way, with common workflows, prioritization of updates, deployment time windows and other benefits of full-featured patch management system, fully Cloud-based.

According to CSO Magazine by IDG, “60 percent of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied” [source]. Organizations using Action1 can now enforce the same standard procedures and timelines of security patching for remote employees working from home, as well as office-based employees.

Key highlights:

  • Information about all missing updates is consolidated in real-time, from all locations, including home-based employee devices not connected to corporate VPN.
  • Update approval workflow allows prioritizing updates based on security severity.
  • Custom maintenance time windows prevent disruption of users during business hours, while forcing timely update deployment and automatic reboots when required.
  • No additional subscription fees to use for any organizations using Action1.
  • Entirely free for up to 10 endpoints. No functionality limitations, no ads.

With the COVID-19 work-from-home requirements, organizations are looking at methods to deploy Microsoft and third party updates, such as updates for Adobe products. We cannot rely on the user base to connect with the corporate VPN. A reliable method is needed to manage these systems.
Jonathan Jervell, Sr. Systems Administrator from Stealth Partner Group.

Many IT security teams were caught off-guard when the world had to suddenly switch to remote work because of COVID-19 lockdowns. Existing on-premise tools, such as WSUS or built-in Windows Update simply stopped working as intended when employees took their laptops home. At the same time, cybercriminals exploiting unpatched systems only intensified their attacks. Organizations using Action1 can take back control and ensure that all users, in all locations, are adequately protected from cyberattacks.
Alex Vovk, CEO of Action1 Corporation.

Visit the dedicated page to learn more about Action1’s cloud-based patch management tool.

About Action1

Action1 reinvents patch management with an infinitely scalable and highly secure platform configurable in 5 minutes that just works. With integrated real-time vulnerability discovery and automated remediation for both third-party software and OS, peer-to-peer patch distribution, and IT ecosystem integrations, it ensures continuous patch compliance and reduces security and ransomware risks – all while lowering costs. Action1 is certified for SOC 2/ISO 27001 and is trusted by thousands of enterprises managing millions of endpoints globally. Action1 was founded by cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters, who previously founded Netwrix, which was acquired by TA Associates.

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