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Action1 Updates Its Platform, Introduces “Patching That Just Works” Concept

Houston, Texas, February 8, 2024

Action1 Corporation, a provider of the #1 risk-based patch management platform designed for distributed enterprise networks, is pleased to announce its latest release and the introduction of a new guiding concept for its business. The latest feature update contains multiple enhancements to the Action1 platform, empowering customers to bring their patching efforts ‘down to science,’ ensuring precision and reliability. This update delivers highly requested features and marks the Action1 concept, ‘Patching That Just Works,’ aiming to provide a benchmark patch management solution strongly aligned with user needs.

The essence of the ‘Patching That Just Works’ concept reflects Action1’s ongoing operational philosophy, which has always strongly emphasized user feedback in product development and maintaining a commitment to continuously measure and ensure strong product performance. As part of this commitment, Action1 has consistently delivered quarterly platform updates, each incorporating five to ten significant features based on the input from its extensive customer base. In addition, the company has introduced advanced internal metrics and workflows to ensure the success rate of patch deployment for its customers, minimizing disruptions to business processes. These metrics have delivered a consistent 99% patch success rate for Action1 users, effectively remediating vulnerabilities on managed endpoints.

With this new concept, we want to emphasize our ‘power-focus’ on patch management, as compared to check-the-box approach used by other vendors that include patching as a neglected feature in their overly broad solution sets that claim to do everything, but nothing in-depth.

Alex Vovk, CEO and co-founder of Action1.

The latest features include direct access to audit trails, an optimized single reboot process, dynamic endpoint group enhancements for further automation, integration with Okta for single sign-on (SSO), improved single reboot efficiency, and more. These enhancements empower enterprises to automate patching for both Windows and third-party patching, while enhancing accountability and security.

As an educational organization, we greatly benefit from the recently added direct access to the audit trail, which enhances our accountability and empowers us to continually improve our patching workflows. We appreciate Action1’s responsiveness in implementing our requested features. They introduce features that are truly necessary and impactful.
Timothy Shuart, Director of Information Technology at Hesston College.

Later this year, Action1 plans to introduce further enhancements to its platform as part of its primary product updates. These improvements will include zero-knowledge architecture, a Mac agent, an expanded selection of applications in the Action1 software repository, and others.

About Action1

Action1 is the provider of the #1 secure and easy-to-use risk-based patch management solution that delivers real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and IT assets. It delivers security risk mitigation via policy-based patching and deployment of OS and third-party software, and includes a remote desktop compliant with modern privacy laws. The company was founded by Netwrix cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters in 2018 to give companies and MSPs worldwide a modern and secure alternative to legacy on-premises solutions that do not function in hybrid workforce environments.

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