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Action1 Enables Efficient Distribution of Software and Patches While Reducing the Impacts of Cloud Adoption

Houston, Texas, December 3, 2020

Action1 Corporation, a Cloud-based endpoint security solution provider, implemented private peer-to-peer (P2P) software distribution functionality to enable organizations to efficiently distribute very large software packages and updates from the Cloud, without hampering the network availability for primary business uses.

Key highlights:

  • Large software packages are split into smaller chunks, sent to multiple endpoints in parallel, so they share them over LAN and then piece the chunks back together.
  • Entirely private to prevent sharing of software outside of organization boundaries.
  • No additional subscription fees to use.
  • Entirely free for up to 10 endpoints. No functionality limitations, no ads.

The ever-growing remote workforce forces organizations to adopt new cloud technologies to replace no longer functioning traditional approaches. But cloud adoption hits network performance when huge software packages are transferred to every endpoint. Action1’s approach combines convenience of the cloud and efficiency of on-premise tools. That’s when software and patch management using Cloud actually starts to make sense.
Mike Walters, President of Action1 Corporation.

Bandwidth is still super expensive here in South Africa. Bandwidth-friendly technologies would be indispensable to anyone who wants manage software installs and updates from the cloud.
Michael Scanlen, former Senior Manager for End User Support at Deloitte.

To learn more about Action1’s Cloud-based software distribution, please visit: peer-to-peer software and patch distribution.

About Action1

Action1 reinvents patch management with an infinitely scalable and highly secure platform configurable in 5 minutes that just works. With integrated real-time vulnerability assessment and automated remediation for third-party software and OS, peer-to-peer patch distribution, and IT ecosystem integrations, it ensures continuous patch compliance and reduces ransomware and security risks – all while lowering costs. Action1 is certified for SOC 2/ISO 27001 and is trusted by thousands of enterprises managing millions of endpoints globally. The company was founded by cybersecurity veterans Alex Vovk and Mike Walters, who previously founded Netwrix, which was acquired by TA Associates.

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