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Action1 5 Customer Stories 5 Action1 Ensures Continuous Patch Compliance and Saves Time at SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam

Action1 Ensures Continuous Patch Compliance and Saves Time at SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam

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SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam – a member of the SOS Children’s Villages International federation – is a nonprofit organization working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care or at risk of losing this care. Since its establishment in 1987 until now, SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam has been providing care and protection in the model of family-like care for more than 6.000 vulnerable children and young people in 17 SOS Children’s Villages in 17 provinces and cities. Today, SOS Children’s Villages International is active in 138 countries and territories worldwide.


Hanoi, Vietnam


The Challenge

SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam incorporates over sixty facilities that provide vulnerable children and young people with loving homes, education and training. With over 1,000 employees, it is essential to ensure that the organization can work without interruption to deliver its mission effectively. Timely software updates and effective endpoint management are critical to achieving this goal. Delays in deploying critical updates can result in security risks, because attackers can exploit known vulnerabilities, leading to data breaches, downtime, financial losses, and further damage.

However, the manual approach to update deployment and endpoint management that the IT department was using proved to be ineffective, as it was error-prone and time-consuming. “I would deploy the updates, and I didn’t even know if the computer was getting those updates,” explains Tran Ai Van, National ICT coordinator of Information & Communication Technology department at SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam. These delays were also incompliant with the organization’s global IT security policies, which were based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and required continuous patching of known vulnerabilities.

To mitigate security risks, reduce IT workload, and ensure adherence to IT security policies, the IT team started looking for a tool to automate update deployment and give them more control over endpoints.

The Action1 Solution

Van tried several endpoint management solutions, including Itarian, ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus, and SolarWinds Patch Manager, but ultimately chose Action1. He appreciated Action1’s comprehensive feature set, intuitive interface, and powerful automation capabilities, especially in patching and software deployment.

The Benefits

Improved security and continuous patch compliance. With Action1’s patch management feature, SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam could easily automate patching of Windows updates, third-party software, and drivers, ensuring continuous patch compliance and timely remediation of security vulnerabilities. “Thanks to Action1, we can comply with our organization’s global IT security standards,” says Van. “Moreover, the platform helps us save 20 hours per month by eliminating the need to check each computer manually for updates.”

Action1’s automated patch management capabilities bring our cybersecurity to a new level. I can now ensure timely installation of all updates, while maintaining complete visibility and control over the process. Overall, it saves us 20 hours per month.

Tran Ai Van, National ICT Coordinator of Information & Communication Technology department at SOS Children Villages Vietnam.

Increased IT productivity. With Action1, the ICT team at SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam can automate software removal and deployment, run scripts and commands, receive alerts on security events, and even provide remote IT support to users. “Thanks to Action1, we can perform many IT tasks simultaneously on many devices in bulk,” adds Van. “We can also provide our users with remote IT support without purchasing a separate remote support software tool.”

Unexpected benefits. Van and his team were thrilled to discover that Action1 empowered them to monitor their endpoints closely, ensuring strong performance. They can monitor CPU and memory usage, startup programs, running processes, local users and groups, as well as logon statistics, required reboots, and USB disk usage on managed endpoints.

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