PCI DSS: Requirement 2

Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters


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Malicious individuals (both external attackers and insiders) often use vendor default passwords and other vendor default settings to compromise systems, including endpoints. Such passwords and settings are published and distributed by hacker communities and can be obtained from public sources. The following subsections address different aspects of default settings and enable automatic assessment per PCI DSS requirements.

2.1: Change Vendor Defaults and Disable Default Accounts
    Always change vendor-supplied defaults and remove or disable unnecessary default accounts
2.2: Configuration Standards and System Hardening
    Develop configuration standards for all system components to address all known security vulnerabilities
2.3: Encrypt All Non-Console Administrative Access
    String encryption for administrator access and disabling of non-secure remote login
2.4: Inventory of System Components
    Maintain a list of hardware and software components for the CDE

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