TCP/IP active connections, IP routing tables, adapter configuration, exposed and connected network shares, TCP/IP settings and other network information.

Active TCP/IP Connections
    Shows active TCP/IP connections with creation time, local address, local port, owning process id, remote address and remote port
Active TCP/IP Connections with Names
    Shows active TCP/IP connections with owning process name, remote DNS name and remote port, allowing you to filter by any of these parameters.
Exposed Network Shares
    Shows exposed network shares with name, description, path, status and maximum allowance information
IPv4 Routing Table
    Shows IPv4 routing table with network destination, net mask, IP gateway, interface, metric, age and description
Network Adapters
    Shows network adapters with name, IP address, DHCP settings, interface index, MAC address and service name
List of Computers
    Shows list of computers with DNS name, domain, workgroup, primary owner name and user name