Action1 5 Case Studies 5 Action1 RMM Enables AllCode to Improve the Security and Efficiency of Its Remote Operations

Action1 RMM Enables AllCode to Improve the Security and Efficiency of Its Remote Operations

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AllCode is a software engineering company that provides organizations worldwide with innovative cloud, big data, mobile, web and healthcare applications.


San Francisco, CA, USA


The Challenge

Founded in 2014, AllCode is headquartered in the United States and has offices in Latin America, Asia and Europe. By 2020, the company’s IT department had more than 200 endpoints to manage. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the company switched to remote work, the IT team struggled to deliver adequate endpoint support and management. In fact, they had no way to manage employees’ devices unless they were connected to the corporate VPN. This gap increased the risk of important updates going uninstalled, made software deployment and IT service unworkable, and drastically limited the team’s visibility into corporate IT assets. To ensure the secure and efficient operations and properly support their remote workforce, the company began looking for a cloud-based remote monitoring and  management (RMM) solution.

The Action1 RMM Solution

After carefully reviewing several RMM tools, Joel Garcia, CTO at AllCode, chose Action1. “The majority of products that I have seen are either difficult to deploy and manage, or require costly third-party integrations to fill the gaps in their native features,” he says. “I turned to Action1 RMM because it was an all-in-one solution that also proved to be highly customizable.”

The Benefits

Centralized endpoint management. With Action1 RMM, Joel’s team is able to deploy Windows and third-party updates, install and uninstall software, schedule tasks, analyze IT assets, and provide users with effective IT support — all remotely. In fact, thanks to the solution’s predefined and custom actions, they can complete many of their daily tasks in just a few clicks. “Action1’s full set of RMM features combined with integrated Remote Desktop is a huge benefit to us; we have gained control over patching and IT inventory across all our endpoints, and can provide remote workers with office-quality IT service. And all of this is delivered via one console, without any hidden costs,” says Joel.

Streamlined patch management worldwide. Since AllCode’s offices are located in multiple time zones, Joel’s team uses Action1 RMM to install updates on different schedules, during the night based on local time. If a particular workstation is offline or turned off at the scheduled time, Action1 RMM postpones the installation until the device is on.

Since everybody went remote and outdated or unpatched systems in endpoints became one of the major vectors for attacks, patch management had been giving me headaches. With Action1 RMM, I am sure that every critical update will be installed on time, without the risk of the user declining it, and I sleep well at night.

Joel Garcia, Chief Technology Officer at AllCode

Enhanced productivity and reduced costs. Joel’s team is able to manage all of AllCode’s organizational entities individually via a single console, which has significantly improved their operational effectiveness and reduced the time they spend on routine tasks. They frequently use the Remote Desktop feature to resolve problems that users have with their laptops and software without requiring them to come to the office, further enhancing productivity and reducing costs. Plus, the role-based access enables Joel to easily assign appropriate sets of permissions to each of his team members, which helps ensure accurate provisioning and streamlines the onboarding of new hires.

Boost IT Efficiency with Action1 RMM

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Who benefits and why?

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